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 Rules and Regulations 1.2

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Rules and Regulations 1.2 Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Regulations 1.2   Rules and Regulations 1.2 EmptySun Jun 07, 2009 10:43 pm

Thank you for joining Lighthouse Lookouts - a general all-ages Club Penguin forum. In order to have a safe, comfortable environment around the forums, all members are required to read, understand, and follow these guidelines.


1. Respect your fellow members and team and do not say anything that might hurt or offend them. This includes basis on religious or political beliefs, disability, race, age, gender, and/or personal preferences of other members. There is no abusing, threatening, or flaming other users allowed. These comments will not be tolerated, and they will be deleted and a warning will be issued.

2. Do not steal or claim as yours anything that someone else created. This is called plagiarizing and it is a crime, and will be treated as such. If you use something created by someone else, you must have their permission or give credit to them somehow.

3. Cracking (accessing a system without permission), or “hacking” is illegal. Any discussion or action relating to “cracking” or “hacking” or any illegal acts (e.g. downloading pirated softwares) is not allowed.


1. You may create only one account for yourself. Please do not make more than one account, or the duplicate will be promptly deleted. If you have another person at your house register an account on the same computer, please notify the Cr3w.

2. Do not enter false information in your account profile — especially your age and your gender, or a warning will be given as well as deletion of the false information. You also have the option of not providing any other information. We would rather have no information than false information.

3. Do not pretend to be another user in Lighthouse Lookouts. In addition, do not share your account with another user. If you are having account problems, contact the team. If you think someone is using your account without your permission, please contact the Cr3w members immediately.

4. Do not share accounts with banned members. Any violators of these rules will be immediately banned from the forum.


1. All used images must be tasteful, which means offensive, discriminatory, or pornographic images are not allowed.

2. Please be aware that the forum will automatically resize any avatar with dimensions greater than 195×175 pixels. This may result in distortion of uploaded avatars depending on the size of the original. There are appropriately sized default avatars available for you to choose from in your forum profile if you are unable to create your own avatar.


1. Please write in proper English as much as you can. While we understand there are members whose first language is one other than English, intentional misuses such as short-formed phrases (example: “O RLY”), 1337 speak, or sTicKy CaPs are unacceptable. "LOL", "ROFL", "LMAO", and variations are allowed.

2. Cursing/swearing, including censored versions of such words such as f___, s***, ****, or !@#$, is [b]not allowed. It's unnecessary and your point can be made without swearing. If you want to post song lyrics or a fanfiction with swearing, post a link to somewhere else where the content can be found, and provide a warning.

3. Do not double post, meaning do not make two posts in a row in the same topic. Use the Edit button if no one has posted after you and you want to add more to your post. You are allowed to double post only if you have a reason (e.g. making an update) accepted by a Cr3w member, who you contacted in advance.

4. The attachment function should only be used to upload appropriate files and only when it is truly necessary. Do not post random files or images using the attachment function.

5. Posting anything illegal (free downloads of episodes, banned images, pirated software, etc.) is not allowed. It is not only against forum rules, it's against the law.

6. No bumping is allowed. Please do not bump a topic (when a topic has not had a reply for months). The limit of when the topic is bump-able is 3 weeks.


Do not spam in Lighthouse Lookouts. It is a major annoyance to the community, and it is not tolerated. Spammers will be given one warning, followed by an infraction and will eventually be banned. In Lighthouse Lookouts, spamming is considered:

• Posting comments that are off-topic, like posting about Rockhopper in Gary's thread.

• Double-posting or duplicating posts (posting two separate, but similar/same posts) or a combination of the two. If it was a glitch/accident, please tell us so we don't infract you. (Edit the glitches/accidental post)

• Posting something that has already been shared in the same thread.

• Posting one-word/with small content/one-emoticon replies.

• Advertisements of any kind in places not suitable for it. The Advertise forum is the place where you can advertise your sites if you have any.

• Sending random personal messages (PMs) to any member (including Cr3w members) for advertising/promoting purposes (ie. mass-PMing members just to advertise a site or even a thread posted in the forum) unless there is permission and/or consent from the receiver.


For the sake of those who may have yet to look forward to a particular show, book, or any other form of entertainment media, do not post any form of spoilers in Lighthouse Lookouts openly in public. This rule regards to reviews of shows and movies which hasn’t been aired in all regions. You aren’t allowed to post any kind of information, which could spoil more or less essential moments of each show or movie. If you want to share your opinion and you have the need to post any spoilers to support your claim, use Spoiler Button function in respect for the other members.

Also, please be aware that this forum logs IP addresses of its members. While we are aware this is considered illegal in some countries, it is required by law in the country where the server that hosts LL is located.

If you receive 5 infractions, you are banned for 7 days (a week). After that, you have 3 more chances. If 3 MORE infractions are reached, you are banned forever. You will receive a warning when 1 infraction space is left. You are also banned forever if you spam majorly, or threaten to hack Lighthouse Lookouts.


The following rules and regulations above has been officially composed, modified, and approved by the Lighthouse Lookouts Community (all members and Cr3w members). If you have any questions regarding the rules, be sure to ask a fellow member or you may contact The Team.
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Rules and Regulations 1.2
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