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 Forum Tutorial

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The Undead Admin
The Undead Admin

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Forum Tutorial Empty
PostSubject: Forum Tutorial   Forum Tutorial EmptyThu Jun 25, 2009 5:04 pm

Oh, hey you! You're obviously reading this if you're new, or just reading this for fun. Well..... hai. :Awesome:

forum is easy to get through, but just in case you need help, your
undead administrator will be here to help you EVERYWHERE YOU GO. Okay,
maybe not "everywhere", but in the forum.
Rolling Eyes

How to make a post:
1. Go to the forum you want to post in.
2. There should be something that says "New Topic"
3. Click it, and make a title, body and send it! And watch the responses!

How to reply to a post:
1. Go to the forum you want to post in.
2. See a topic title that interests you? Click it!
Reply by pressing the "Post Reply" button, or go to the bottom of the
screen. A text box should be there. Write your reply and press send!

About Your Rank:
you're new, you have a "Please Review The Rules" rank. This means you
haven't posted enough replies or topics to exceed to a new rank. There
are many different kind of ranks, but you need to work to get to them!

Sawati2007 wrote:
Please Read The Rules- 0 Posts
Newborn Penguin- 25 Posts
Newspaper Editor- 100 posts
Coffee Shop Employee- 225 posts
Tour Guide- 500 posts
Secret Agent- 800 posts
Black Belt Ninja- 1500 posts
Lighthouse Lookout Captain- 2000 posts.

I just got banned yesterday, and when I got unbanned, my rank was "Pwns at breaking rules"! Why? Sad

only get this rank when you get banned. And after the time of your ban,
when you're unbanned, this rank will stay with you. Forever. (Unless
you happen to turn into a special user)

Speaking OF special users....

There are many different kinds of users out there. Here are some of the special user ranks!

Admins- Such as myself, we are the pwninaters of the forum. We make rules, and stuff like that, with help from mods. Speaking of..

Global Moderators- Kind
of like an admin, these users help moderate the forum to make it safe
and secure! If you ever come across one, listen to what they say!

Test Moderators-
Just as important as regular mods, these are users training to be mods!
We don't pick 'em randomly though. To be one, you must be an awesome
user with great experience.


Noob wrote:
ohai i r new 2 dis forum looooll!!! iv herd of thingyz cald infractions. what r dey??/?

Well noob, an infraction is a warning letting you know you have broken a rule. You will have up to 5 infractions until you are banned.

Noob wrote:
hao d0 i get infrakshunz??/1/

Good question noob. You get infractions if you break one of the forum rules. (VIEW THEM!) There is no way you can lose an infraction, unless you buy the oppurtunity at a forum store.

How to make a sig:

A sig is practically a locker. Design it and stuff. You can add things such as pics and graphic designs. But how do you do it?

1. Go to profile. There should be a tab that says "Signature".
2. There are 2 boxes. The one above is your current signature, and the one below is where you make it.
3. If you want to add a URL image, you can use the button that says Image.
4. That should have the sign Forum Tutorial  come up. Enter the URL with the pic in it, then click the Image button again
5. The button "Old signature" will bring you back to your old signature. Preview will show you what your sig will look like. "Save" will keep the sig that you made, and it will be out 2 the public.


So there are things in Lighthouse Lookouts called coins. These coins can help you buy things at coin shops. You earn them buy posting!

1 Post= 3 Coins
Creating a Topic= 5 Coins

Demento! wrote:
Do u wanna know how to put some fancy cool stuff in ur siggy follow this guide then

Easy ones

[b]Text here[/b]

This is how to get ur writing in a thinker font, Like This

[u]Text Here[/u]

This is how to get ur writing underlined, Like this

[i]Text Here[/i]

This is how to get ur writing in Italics, Like This

More complex

[table onclick="if(this.getElementsByTagName('td')[1].style.display == 'none'){ this.getElementsByTagName('td')[1].style.display = '';this.getElementsByTagName('td')[2].style.display = 'none'; }else{ this.getElementsByTagName('td')[1].style.display = 'none';this.getElementsByTagName('td')[2].style.display = '';}" style="cursor: pointer;" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1" width="90%"][tr][td][b]Spoiler:[/b][/td][/tr][tr][td class="quote" style=""] [/td][td class="quote" style="display: none;"]Text Here[/td][/tr][/table]

this is how to get ur text in a spoiler like this

Text Here

This is how to get ur text to go up and down

Like This

Text Here

This is how to get ur text to go sideways

Like This

Text Here

Codes the text,
Like This

[strike]Text Here[/strike]

strikes the text, Like This


Show your Username like this Sawati2007

Text here

Makes, a button Like This

(note the code is without the *)
~ {FORUMURL*} - Forums URL
~ {FORUMURLINK*} - Forums Link
~ {FORUMNAME*} - Forums Name
~ {FORUMNAMELINK*} - Forums Link In Name
~ {FORUMDESC*} - Forum Description
~ {FORUMBIRTHDAY*} - Forums Birthday (Start Date)
~ {FORUMAGE*} - How old forum is in days.
~ {FORUMCOUNTFORUM*} - Forums Forum Count.
~ {FORUMCOUNTOPIC*} - Forums Topic Count.
~ {FORUMCOUNTPOST*} - Forums Post Count
~ {FORUMCOUNTUSER*} - Forums User Count
~ {FORUMONLINEUSER*} Most users ever online
~ {FORUMONLINEDATE*} Most users ever online date
~ {FORUMLASTUSER*} - Newest Forum User
~ {FORUMLASTUSERLINK*} Newest Forum User (In Hyperlink)
~ {USERNAME*} - Someone's Username
~ {USERLINK*} - Username (In Hyperlink)
~ {USERBIRTHDAY*} - Users Birthday
~ {USERAGE*} - Users Age
~ {USERREGDATE*} - Users Join Date
~ {USERLASTVISIT*} - Users last visit


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Lord Quados
Newborn Penguin
Lord Quados

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Forum Tutorial Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forum Tutorial   Forum Tutorial EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 4:07 pm

I find the Noob thing insulting XD
Anyways,nice guide Saw! Very Happy
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Global Moderator
Global Moderator

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Forum Tutorial Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forum Tutorial   Forum Tutorial EmptyWed Jul 08, 2009 10:41 am

Thanks for the guide Saw. Now noobs wont be like, "What do i do here?"
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Forum Tutorial Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forum Tutorial   Forum Tutorial Empty

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Forum Tutorial
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